Alexandra Liese, visual artist and author, lives and works in Rangsdorf, studied at the International Academy in Moscow, diploma, art school in Moscow, continuous exhibition activities, lectureships at the Brandenburg Schools / Visual Arts, "airleben Art Prize - Artist of the Year ", nomination for the International Gottlob Art Award, work in the cultural education of children and adolescents in schools and associations in Berlin and Brandenburg, member of the nGbK, participant in the Rosa-Luxemburg Conference,

member of GEDOK Brandenburg e.V., director of painting classes and working groups for children and adolescents in Brandenburg public institutions, public purchases through museums, collectors in Germany and abroad, law firms, practices in Berlin and Brandenburg.
EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2021 26. Internationale Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz, Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin (GE)

2020 Reading and Artist talk at German House Beelitz, Beelitz

2020 "Hommage to the Connectedness", German House Beelitz, Beelitz (SE)

2020 25th International Rosa Luxemburg Conference, Hotel Mercure MOA Berlin (GE) 

2019 "Inside connection", "German House Beelitz", Beelitz (GE)
2019 Reading and artist talk at GEDOK Haus, Rangsdorf

2019 Exhibition "Achtung: Aufnahme!", GEDOK, Galerie Kunstflügel, Rangsdorf (GE)

2019 Exhibition "ME in US" 25 years of GEDOK, Galerie Kunstflügel, Rangsdorf (GE)
2019 Exhibition at the "German House Beelitz", Beelitz (SE)
2019 24th International Rosa Luxemburg Conference, Hotel Mercure MOA Berlin (GE) 
2018 "Equality and Equivalence", Evangelisches Gemeindezentrum Blankenfelde (SE)


2018 Nomination an exhibition "Die Welt aus den Fugen" for the City of Burgdorf Art Award 2018, (GE)

2018 Nomination and exhibition "Valuable - art makes values visible" for the International Gottlob Art Award "Art for the Heart 2018", Liestal, Switzerland (GE)


2018 "Behind the dots of Aborigines", "Galerie Café", Zossen (SE)
2018 "A Touch of Australia-Point-accurate Painting in the Still-life of the Aborigines", Galerie im Kreishaus, Luckenwalde (SE)

2018 23rd International Rosa Luxemburg Conference "Africa at a Crossroads - Building or Migration", Hotel Mercure MOA Berlin (GE)

2017-2018 Permanent exhibition "Lost Generation", Ludwig-Leichhardt-Museum, Trebatsch (SE)

2017 "Connectedness and independence", Dr. med. Pirke, Dive (SE)

2016 artist talk and exhibition "Different perspectives - How an Australian visit shaped an artist", Ludwig Leichhardt Museum, Trebatsch (SE)

2015-2016 Permanent exhibition "Dot Painting - A Journey to Australia", Dr. med. med. Kugler, Luckenwalde (SE)

2015 Permanent exhibition "Dream Time - precise painting from Australia", Dr. med. Göllner-Heibült, Berlin (SE)

2015 permanent exhibition "Lebenswege - Vogelperspektive", Dr. med. Kuhlow, Zossen (SE)

2014-2015 Permanent exhibition "Symbols of the Aborigines - Dreamtime", practice ERDROT, Berlin (SE)

2014 Permanent exhibition "Portraits of the Lost Generation", practice Dirscherl, Berlin (EA)

2013 Permanent exhibition "White on Black - Dot Painting", practice Kuhlow & Haisch, Rangsdorf (SE)

2012-2013 Permanent exhibition "A Touch of Australia", RAe Melchert & Fürstenberg, Berlin (SE)

2012 Art auction of GEDOK Brandenburg e.V., Rangsdorf (GE)

2012 "Australian Dream - acrylic painting in dot painting style", Protestant Community Center, Rangsdorf (SE)


2011 Permanent exhibition "Animal Tracks - Point Painting from Australia", Rae Bauersfeld & Partner, Berlin (SE)


2021 "Die Goldene Kugel" (print version)


2021 „Mein Russland. Eine Werkstatt mit Jugendlichen“ (print version)


2020 „Maledu. Magisches und Tragisches aus Oberwundertal“ (print version)


2018 "Glen and his puppy. The story of an extraordinary boy who lost a piece of himself and then found it again" (Print Version and e-book)


2018 Nomination for the City of Burgdorf Art Award 2018


2018 Nomination for the International Gottlob Art Award
2017 "airleben Art Award - Artist of the Year 2017"

2015 "Paint what it takes. Art is fun! "(Print version and e-book)

2014 "Leo's dream trip 2. Let's go to Australia!" (Print version and e-book)

2013 "Leo's dream trip. Adventures in Australia "(print version and e-book in English, Russian and German)