New non-fiction-book "Painting like crazy. Art is fun!"

"Painting like crazy. Art is fun!" is a new book of the artist and author Alexandra Liese, which she has recently published.
This book is intended for those who have fun at painting or want these to be recover.
The aim of the book is to show the reader that while painting anything is possible. The book inspires the reader to use his creative side to get away from the daily stress.
You can find practical knowledge and information in 20 chapters in order to get an overview. The artist and author shows with a practical display of more than 200 examples and detailed video instructions for each screen what amazing results can be achieved.

"Painting like crazy. Art is fun!" is well suited for advanced and beginners - whether work through the step-by-step exercises or deepen the knowledge on a specific example.

"Painting like crazy. Art is fun!" is available as an eBook 978-3-9817988-0-7 at the iBook Store and iTunes Store.

A print version of the book under ISBN: 978-3-9817988-1-4 has also been released and is available in all Book Shops, on Amazon or under

Children's Book "Leo's journey"

Download at the iBook Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle

An exciting story about the friendship between Eualdo, an Aboriginal boy, and Leo, a boy from Germany. Eualldo takes Leo on an unforgettable adventure through Australia, he tells Leo about this beautiful country, Aboriginal culture and the stunning Australian wildlife.

This book is about friendship, art and culture of the Aborigines and Australian nature.

The story shows children how important it is to be open to foreign cultures and traditions. There are many beautiful illustrations in the book, such as kangaroos, koala, platypus, didgeridoo and much more.

The text is easy to understand, font and font size are perfect for beginning readers, but is also suitable for reading in every age.