"MALEDU 2. Even a magical being needs help from time to time"

ISBN: 978-3-9822955-0-3


This children's book was created as part of a children's art project, which was carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding program “Culture makes you strong. Alliances for Education ”.


The continuation of the story "MALEDU. Magic and tragic from Oberwundertal" was created in the course of the annual project with 15 children and teenagers who wrote and illustrated the book.


Everyone lives under one roof at the Froloff family in Moscow: grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, the children Svetlana, Anastasia and the twins Sascha and Maxim.


Actually, everything could be wonderful if the twins didn't think about anything more than cell phones, computers and digital games.


Fortunately there is Maledu. The magical being travels to the Russian capital especially to convince the twins of real life. With his well-known Maledu language, of course. But in the end, Maledu needs help itself. . .


"The Golden Ball"

This book arose from the deep desire to awaken the original fairy tale “The Golden Ball” to new life and to offer people access to fairy tale therapy. "The Golden Ball" is an original fairy tale, which has been passed down orally for centuries.


Fairy tales, these stories that have been told for so long, the original images, images of the path of determination speak to us deeply because they are present in every human life and are also expressed in every life, provided we learn to see it.


These original images, and there are seven of them, can be found in all fairy tales of the world and are expressed in many different ways.


The therapeutic application of these seven original images or levels are in harmony with the biography of man, but also of humanity.


To heal with the fairy tale means to be healed inside. In order to be cured, it is urgently necessary to get rid of the old ballast which we have been carrying with us since childhood and youth and which has long since no longer served us.


With the help of fairy tale therapy, we can shed most of this ballast, transform it and use the released energy in a positive way.


Recognizing your own goal in life, coming into harmony with your own purpose in life is fundamentally for healing.


The seven original images of the original fairy tale can be found in all fairy tales, but also in all thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


Have a lot of fun reading the original fairy tale!


ISBN: 978-3-9822955-1-0

"My Russia.

An art project with young people"


In this book, students of the Fontane-

Gymnasium in Rangsdorf dared to do the most difficult form of translation: the literary. Especially here it becomes clear that translation is more than that

copying from one language to the other.


In addition to specialist knowledge and cultural knowledge, a good feeling for language is also required so that in the end there is no mess.


For years, the young people at Fontane-Gymnasium in Rangsdorf have been learning English as well as Russian and were curious about the ten-week art project.


After they had written or composed a small text each week, they tried to translate it afterwards. This did not always work without help.


The result is a wonderful book full of colors, joie de vivre and a deep love for Russia and the language in general. May it delight many find readers.


Sincerely, Alexandra Liese and Yvonne Zitzmann 


ISBN: 978-3-9817988-9-0

"MALEDU. Magic and tragic at Oberwundertal"

This great children's book was created as part of a children's art project, which was carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the funding program “Culture makes you strong. Alliances for Education ”.


For a whole year, two artists and authors Alexandra Liese and Yvonne Zitzmann worked together with 15 children and teenagers on the text and illustrations for this book so that a wonderful story about a magical animal called Maledu was born.



"After the separation of her parents, Ricky didn't want to move to Oberwundertal. But soon she gets a visit from a green, shaggy, six pawed creature that moves into her closet, drinks fish sauce and eat spiders. The magical beast brings Ricky in his own funny way to cope with her new day-to-day life by painting each of her problems.


In return, Ricky finally fulfills his greatest wish: its own name - MALEDU."



And this is what the artists say:


"Maledu just came to us one day. We weren't looking for him. He's found us in the middle of Rangsdorf on a summer's day. He always does it that way, this little chip-eating rascal.


It was immediately clear to us that he had to stay: from January to December 2020. And he gladly stayed, at least he didn't tell us otherwise.


What the 16 girls and boys made of our idea was amazing.


Maledu should be able to speak. Maledu's fur should change color depending on his mood. Maledu had six paws and brightly colored wings. He loves to eat stinky cheese and drink beer. Everything just gushed out of the children.


In no way did we allow ourselves to be limited - neither in our imagination nor by external influences. For months we continued our story via video conferencing and got to know each other a little bit better despite the distance: We saw that Mia liked to eat pizza, and Anna, Flora and Finja could talk like the world champions - but mostly not with the rest of the group and with it turned off Microphone. One or the other pet or sibling also appeared on the screen.


It was good for everyone to be able to meet again in person at the lake in the summer and later in the Rangsdorf primary school. Maledu also felt most comfortable here.


Sometimes he even forgot to hide and we could stroke his green, soft fur.


But now it should finally start with his story.


I beg your pardon? Are you feeling a little sad right now? Then watch out! And take a look in your closet! Maybe Maledu is already on the way to you ...


Your Alexandra Liese and Yvonne Zitzmann"


ISBN 978-3-9817988-7-6

MALEDU SONG - Zuhause ist doch überall - von Reni und Tillmann von Kaler
MaLeDu-Zuhause ist doch u_berall.mp3
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"Glen and his puppy"

This children's book is about overcoming and processing a trauma, which experienced the ten-year protagonist of the book.

After an accident, everything has turned upside down in Glen's life, nothing has been the same since. Playing with friends, cycling, swimming and romping - Glen can not do all that anymore because he lost part of his leg after an accident. He separates himself from the world.

But one day he gets a puppy with three paws. The good-natured and cheerful dog helps Glen back into life, which he has to master with a prosthesis now.

Based on a complicated life situation, which can also affect children, the author and artist wants to bring closer values such as kindness, warmth, friendship, empathy and willpower. With this story she wants to show the readers that not everyone and not everything always has to be perfect and that life can still be beautiful and worth living. "If you fall, you can get up again, especially if you have help," says the author.

ISBN: 978-3-9817988-5-2

"Paint like crazy. Art is fun!"

"Painting like crazy. Art is fun!" is a new book of the artist and author Alexandra Liese, which she has recently published.
This book is intended for those who have fun at painting or want these to be recover.
The aim of the book is to show the reader that while painting anything is possible. The book inspires the reader to use his creative side to get away from the daily stress.
You can find practical knowledge and information in 20 chapters in order to get an overview. The artist and author shows with a practical display of more than 200 examples and detailed video instructions for each screen what amazing results can be achieved.

"Painting like crazy. Art is fun!" is well suited for advanced and beginners - whether work through the step-by-step exercises or deepen the knowledge on a specific example.

"Painting like crazy. Art is fun!" is available as an eBook 978-3-9817988-0-7 at the iBook Store and iTunes Store.

A print version of the book under ISBN: 978-3-9817988-1-4 has also been released and is available in all Book Shops, on Amazon or under

"Leos journey. Adventure in Australia"

An exciting story about the friendship between Eualdo, an Aboriginal boy, and Leo, a boy from Germany.


Eualldo takes Leo on an unforgettable adventure through Australia, he tells Leo about this beautiful country, Aboriginal culture and the stunning Australian wildlife.


This book is about friendship, art and culture of the Aborigines and Australian nature.


The story shows children how important it is to be open to foreign cultures and traditions. There are many beautiful illustrations in the book, such as kangaroos, koala, platypus, didgeridoo and much more.


Download at the iBook Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle

"Leos journey 2. Let's go to Australia"

This time Leo takes his little brother Aaron on an unforgettable adventure trip through Australia. Both brothers get to know two Aboriginal twin sisters there and together they learn more about Australia, the way of life of the indigenous people and the fascinating Australian fauna.


The new friends spend a lot of time together, experience exciting adventures and learn more and more from each other. How do you paint without a brush? How do you fish without a rod? How do you build an aquarium without a glass tank? What is a rainbow snake? So many questions and more are answered by Leo, Aaron and the Aboriginal sisters who guide young readers through the adventure.