Children's art project "MALEDU. A children's book by children for children"

For a whole year we worked with 15 children and teenagers on our children's book entitled "MALEDU. Magic and tragic at Oberwundertal". The result is a great 120-page book in A4 format.

The very first car was painted on the wall of Gottlieb-Daimler-School.

The 9th Literature Day and Art Workshop for children. 

Art project for teenagers at Gottlieb-Daimler-School. All the art works were exhibited in the town hall.

Project day in the music and art school Regenbogen in Blankenfelde
The eighth-graders chose an artistic theme for the project day and each one painted many outstanding pictures in his own style.

4th place at the "airleben Kunstpreis 2017 - Artist of the Year" with the work "Permanent Movement", 100x120cm, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Permanent exhibition of the art works of students in the Gottlieb Daimler School!
After a creative and successful project week, many wonderful works have been created, which can now be visited in the school building.

Art project for children in Rangsdorf in the GEDOK house!
This year's workshop theme was "On the Road - Traces and Other Surprises".
Sooo many children have participated in our art workshop this year. With a lot of imagination, creativity, assertiveness and enthusiasm, the small artists worked with clay, paint and cardboard and created beautiful works.

There were two great, eventful weeks, full of art projects and challenges with quite a lot of hard work and wonderful results.
Here you can see the current project week at the Gottlieb Daimler School in Ludwigsfelde.
My creative students did a great job! Thank you guys for the perseverance, imagination and creativity! Well done!

Summer festival in Klein Kienitz!
This is by far one of my favorite festivals, which is about children, family and nice togetherness. I am always happy to be there and to paint with a lot of small artists!

German-Polish children's art project at the Ludwig Leichhardt Primary School in Tauche!

Great art project with children has ended today successfully! All the small artists were thrilled: full of enthusiasm they got to know new techniques of painting and painted the canvases colorful. It was perfect! And all that despite the linguistic barrier, which the participating children mastered realy great (partly also in English). In the end, everyone was happy and proud of their own works of art, which are now assembled into a mosaic in the school.

What a great Project!

The participation in the 47th International Children and Youth Art Competition "JugendCreativ" has ended successfully in the first, local round!

Three of my students have convinced the jury members with their pictures on this year's theme "Friendship is colorful"!

I am very proud of my small and big artists!



One of my current art project with the students from the Gottlieb Daimler School in Ludwigsfelde has been successfully completed since yesterday. The students have done a lot of work and our "sports wall" has become great! Many thanks to all my students! Well done!


Wonderfull cultural project for children with a great writer from Rangsdorf, who worked with children for a year and taught them how to write.

I was able to show the little writers how to illustrate their own stories.


All the works of the participating children (stories, tales, letters, poems) were tied to a book, which will be presented at the end of the year with the public reading.

I am very proud of the small creative heads and I am anxious to see which of them will be shown at the Frankfurt Book Fair in a few years.

Design of the stairwell in the Kindergarten "Lino"

Also this year students from my art courses participated at the International Art Youth Competition.
The art contest is organized every year by the Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank and took place for the 46th time. Almost one million children and teenager took part in the competition, among others also from Germany, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
The theme of the competition was "Fantastic heroes and true models. What inspires you? "An exciting but challenging theme.
Julia Weinzierl with her picture "The fire brigade" and Lara Schülbe with her picture "In dreamland" have convinced the Juri members.
Julia got the 2nd place and Lara the 5th place!

Project week at the Gottlieb-Daimler-School, Ludwigsfelde

Children's Art Workshop in the GEDOK House, Rangsdorf


An integrative project for children and younger newcomers in Rangsdorf. This project were supported by several artists, including yours truly.

So many talented children are registered for the Children's Art Workshop in GEDOK house in Rangsdorf! Within just one week all dates offered were fully booked.

The little artists painted like there's no tomorrow! Horses, koalas, insects, cats, dogs, and more - there were so many ideas! At the end of the Children's Art Workshop, the participating children were rewarded with a vernissage and an exhibition in the gallery "Kunstflügel".

It was a great project and I'm very proud of the children, who have painted so many beautiful Images.

Project week at the high School in Rangsdorf


An exciting and successful project week at the high school in Rangsdorf has ended. My hardworking students and artists have given a lot of effort! A lot of amazing works of art have been created!

Design of the entrance area in the Kindergarten "Lino", Rangsdorf

Art with the young people in the Gottlieb-Daimler-School, Ludwigsfelde / Design of the library

Art with the young people in the Gottlieb-Daimler-School, Ludwigsfelde / Design of the Coffee Shop

Public reading in Rangsdorf's primary school

Art with children / Projekt week in the Rangsdorfer School

10- year anniversary of the Festival of Trees in Rangsdorf

Art with children/ Projekt day in the Rangsdorfer School

Art with children/ Layout of the wall in the DRK FiZ "Haus der Familie" in Rangsdorf

Exhibition of childrens art in the Rangsdorfer School

Art with children / Layout of the wall in the DRK FiZ "Haus der Familie" in Rangsdorf

Art with children at Rangsdorfer Sommerfest 2013

Art with children/ Layout of the stairwell in the DRK FiZ "Haus der Familie" in Rangsdorf

Design of logo for the nursery "Räuberhöhle" in Rangsdorf

Art with children at the Sommerfest in the Rangsdorfer School 2013 / Design of the sign of Rangsdorf

Art design of the giants football at the sommerfest 2012 in Rangsdorf