Alexandra Liese was born in Moscow and has also completed a five-year training in art school. She learned not only painting, drawing and composition, classical techniques of sculpture and art history world complemented the timetable. She collected a wide range of experiences in which they created the first works in oil, watercolor and acrylic.

The artist studied business administration and worked industry-specific. She has always had the desire to be more creative and to have more artistic freedom, so she never ceased to gain valuable experience for their artistic activity and has continued to paint in every free minute.

Alexandra Liese was interested for years at
the work of contemporary Australian art, she specialized herself at dot painting style.

Aboriginal people are among the oldest nations of the earth. Aboriginal art reflects tradition and culture of this proud and intelligent people. The artists tell stories that are part of the images, and are indicated by the symbols used.

The special feature of dot painting style is that the images are painted bird's eye view. If you look at a person from the sky, you see nothing but a point. Several points arise a group of people, a settlement, a country. The small individual merges with another, it creates a special bond between people, animals, nature, so that one can not be sure at the end, where one begins and another ends.

Alexandra Liese felt influenced and inspired, so she developed the abstract painting style through this beautiful Australian Aboriginal art. However, pencil drawings, portraits, landscape painting, etc. are a big part of her work.


Her pictures evaluate business premises, foyers and offices of renowned companies. Private collectors and art lovers confirm the painter and author even years after the acquisition of her paintings and books that she always touches and fascinates the perception of her works.



2018 "A touch of Australia - Dot Paintings", Galerie in Kreishaus, Luckenwalde
2018 23rd International Rosa Luxemburg Conference "Africa at a crossroads - construction or migration", Hotel mercure MOA, Berlin
2017-2018 "Lost Generation", Ludwig-Leichhardt-Museum, Tauche

2017 "Connectedness and independence", practis Dr. Pirke, Trebatsch
2017 Art project with kids, Gottlieb Daimler School, Ludwigsfelde
2017 Children's writing and illustration workshop, Zeuthen
2017 Building design, day care center "Lino", Rangsdorf
2017 Project week, Gottlieb Daimler School, Ludwigsfelde
2017 Integrative art workshop for children, GEDOK-Brandenburg Haus, Rangsdorf
2016 Project week, igh school Rangsdorf
2016 Artist talk and exhibition,"Different Angles", Ludwig Leichhardt Museum, Trebatsch
2016 Building design, day care center "Lino", Rangsdorf
2016 Design of the media  library, Gottlieb Daimler School, Ludwigsfelde
2015-2016 "Dot Painting- Journey to Australia", practice Dr. med. Kugler, Luckenwalde
2015 Design of the café, Gottlieb Daimler School, Ludwigsfelde
2015 "Dream Time", practice Dr. Göllner-Heibült, Berlin
2015 "Life Paths - Bird´s eye view", practice Dr. Kuhlow, Zossen
2014-2015 "Symbold of Aboriginal Dreantime", practice ERDROT, Berlin
2014 Book reading, elementary School, Rangsdorf
2014 Art for children with children / project week, elementary school, Rangsdorf
2014 Art for the 10th anniversary of the "Festival of Trees", Rangsdorf
2014 Children's art / project day, elementary school, Rangsdorf
2014 Building design, DRK FiZ "House of the family", Rangsdorf
2014 "Portraits of the Lost generation", practice Dirscherl, Berlin
2014 Children's painting exhibition, elementary school, Rangsdorf
2013 Building design, DRK FiZ "House of the family", Rangsdorf
2013 Children's art, Sommerfest, Rangsdorf
2013 Building design, DRK FiZ "House of the family", Rangsdorf

2013 Since then, continuous teaching activity in art in the Brandenburg schools
2013 "Black on White", practice Dr. Kuhlow & Haisch, Rangsdorf
2012-2013 "A Touch of Australia" Law Firm Melchert / Lucas / Fürstenberg, Berlin
2012 Design of the logo, nursery "Robber Cave", Rangsdorf
2012 Art auction of GEDOK Brandenburg e.V., Rangsdorf
2012 Art with children, Sommerfest, elementary School, Rangsdorf / design of the coat of arms for Rangsdorf
2012 "Australian Dream - Acrylic Painting in Dot Painting Style", Protestant Community Center, Rangsdorf
2011 "A Touch of Australia", Law firm Bauersfeld & Partner, Berlin

2017 "airleben Art Award 2017 - Artist of the Year",
2015 "Paint what it takes. Art is fun! "(As print version and e-book)
2014 "Leo's dream journey 2. Let's go to Australia!"

2013 "Leo's dream journey. Adventure in Australia"
Represented by:
VG Bild, Kunst; VG Wort;

Member of nGbK e.V.
Public Purchases: Private Collectors in Germany and abroad, Law Firm Melchert Berlin, Practice Dr. Kuhlow Rangsdorf, Practice Dr. Kuhlow Zossen, Practice Dr. Zia Berlin, Museum of Ludwig Leichhardt Tauche